Creating wins and reaping profitable rewards is about to be your new normal.  

When you Master the communication secrets and techniques I'm sharing, 

you'll experience your biggest, boldest results yet.

  • Have you ever looked around and wondered why others seem to be having an easier time of it than you, or you simply find yourself frustrated and puzzled by your current state of progress [or lack thereof]?

  • Have you ever experienced a time when you felt you didn't have enough time, dollars, energy or resources and it felt like things were stuck or just too damn hard?

  • Or maybe life isn't that bad, but you feel like your highest earning years are staring you in the face and you don't have enough drive, mojo, creativity or that elusive "something" to light 'em up and make stellar things happen. 

What if you reversed it all?

Imagine feeling in control and energized… despite the chaos and complexity of attempting to scale your business.


Imagine feeling calm, confident and connected… despite the mental mind suck of feeling like you’re not moving fast enough, you’re not doing enough and you don’t know enough.

Imagine feeling like your biggest, baddest, boldest, self [the Most Valuable Player of the game]… despite crazy calls from the referees, the maddening crowds and the "in your face" opponents.

Imagine waking up every day and your first thought is, “I got this! I totally got this!”… despite the never-ending stressors of your demanding business and hectic personal life.

The library of training materials inside the member portal will be available to you for a full twelve months! That's right! You can revisit & review these resources as often as you like for over a whole year. That means a lot of support. Every month 2 more Core Training and 2 Real-Reelz videos are added. We'll send you an email the day they drop.

  • Step-by-step frameworks, scripts, techniques & tools
  • How-to Playbooks that are EASY TO USE

You'll have a unique competitive advantage in your communication, leadership and thinking skills. By knowing exactly how to navigate your way through the critical moments, you'll drive your business forward faster, make your life more enjoyable and skyrocket your profitability.

When you join you'll get instant access to brilliant scripts, phrases and frameworks. 

*This program launched in January 2019. Currently, two videos are added every month.

Imagine sitting down and having a cup of coffee or a cocktail with me every single month to dish the dirt, get the real scoop and strategize together on the best approaches to your critical conversations. These short videos feel like we're sitting together in my abode. You're not alone on the dicier topics of difficult people, touchy subjects and personal pain. Sit down and join me. Tea, coffee, something stronger?!

Two times a month I'll invite you into my living room, family room, kitchen... even the bedroom - rated PG, but did you seriously think I was going to ignore pillow talk or the conversations you have at 3am when your mind is racing?! I'm getting realz. 

*This program launched in January 2019. Currently, two videos are added every month.

Wanna be in the hot seat? Step right up! Just want to listen to somebody else squirm so you can observe and learn how to smoothly navigate a tough conversation? Totally cool. Your exclusive membership includes receiving my coaching & consulting insights with respect to YOUR real-time communication questions, challenges and opportunities. These monthly coaching calls are LIVE. I'm here for you on the second Friday of every month at 9am Pacific.

LIVE WEBINARS are scheduled for:

Mastering the Male Mindset - Thursday, March 21st at 9am PST

Mastering the Female Mindset - Thursday, March 28th at 9am PST

Both webinars will be recorded so you may listen at your convenience.


INTERVIEWS "drop" 1 per quarter beginning March 4, 2019.

I'll be interviewing Thought Leaders about the Profitable Conversations we need to have with ourselves and others to create the life we desire.


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