manage THE habits & Actions

that drive results

Discover a mind-enriching, game-changing, communications & sales leadership Mastermind to belong to with a common goal: meeting & exceeding your sales goals - faster & easier.

One. Conversation. At. A. Time.

inner circle is OPEN !

You’re here. You’re interested. 

Let’s get realz.

I LOVE helping business owners and sales leaders meet & exceed their sales goals more easily.

And, I know the best way to help these go-getters is on an ongoing basis, so we can see and measure real progress. 

INNER CIRCLE Members are already winning - even in turbulent times.

“From the very first session with AmyK, I’ve been blown away with our results. AmyK’s coaching helped my team increase sales by 25% during a pandemic! My team ended the year in the top 3 in the company, and I got promoted from Director to Regional Vice President. AmyK shared so many leadership and sales tips along the way, helping me to manage the habits and actions that drive results. I’m so glad I found AmyK. Having someone in my corner to help me be a better coach, drive higher sales results and help my team live their best lives has been priceless! I appreciate AmyK’s no nonsense approach. Her simple tweaks, her magical phrases, her ability to unlock a mindset block, and all her insights on how I can lead more collaboratively has made an enormous impact. And bonus, we’re having more fun! Thank you, AmyK!”

- Megan Summers

Regional Vice President, Principal

Inner Circle Member


For sales leaders like Hollis and Megan, I'm currently working my derriere off to make this an absolutely incredible, life-changing experience for my members. This is how strong my commitment is to helping you win through the curves, meet and exceed your goals and get the sales team you deserve.

Think: brilliant communications & sales leadership content so you can brilliantly manage the habits & actions that get resolutions fast.


GET IT: Inner Circle is for business and sales leaders who want to grow sales more easily and get results faster -- with less sweat equity.

Inner Circle Members are looking for 1-2 brilliant ACTIONABLE ideas every month, not 1,000—because they know they can’t execute 1,000 ideas. They know that just 1 right idea could 10x their investment and substantially impact their company and legacy.

Inner Circle Members know that they need to consistently energize their sales teams with fresh ideas and new tools & strategies to sustain their high-performance.

Inner Circle Members know they meet & exceed their goals faster when they have a confidential space to strategize some of their toughest conversations with both their internal and external customers.

So… if you're a sales leader who gets that the best of the best innovators, team leaders and closers -- [those who are constantly hitting home runs or getting all net on their three pointers] -- are doing it one profitable conversation at a time, I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey and become a Member

only 12 spots available

"AmyK’s Inner Circle Mastermind provides tangible results in a short period. AmyK’s ability to assist in identifying root-cause issues allows for actionable steps with lasting results. After every session I have gained insight that accelerates our mission."

- Joan Davison

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Hire Counsel | Mestel & Company

Inner Circle Founding Member


REGISTRATION CLOSES on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:59pm.

"I’m only 3 months into AmyK’s Get It Inner Circle program and it’s already had such a positive impact on my life - professionally and personally. The skills and tips I’m learning get me results! AmyK takes the time to delve into my issues & she gives me practical, actionable steps that get resolutions fast. The return on investment in this membership is both instant and ongoing."

- Hollis Bufferd

Managing Member, Starhill Financial 

Inner Circle Founding Member

What’s included on a monthly basis in your year long membership:

Online Training from AmyK: Two Video Lessons Per Month

  • The skills you & your team need to scale. Every month, for 12 months you'll receive incredible content with practical action & implementation exercises to help you and your teams play full out and scale faster.


Month 1: Sales & Objection Handling - How to Close More Deals Faster

Month 2: Customer Service - The 5 Conversations to Ensure Service Excellence, Retention & Loyalty

Month 3: Performance - The Fundamentals of High Performing A-Players [aka How to Kick Butt & Take Names]

  • You can share these videos throughout your entire organization, and everyone can view when convenient. [My training webinars and keynotes cost $15K each. For less than the cost of a single keynote you can invest in your entire organization for 12 months. Total value $15K per month.
  • Want your own customized LIVE webinar for a special event or specific need? You'll get the exclusive Member webinar fee of $5000 an hour for the life of your membership. 

Real Time, LIVE Group Coaching & Consulting With Me [Ask AmyK Anything]

  • 60 Minute LIVE Session Every Month - We meet on the third Wednesday of the month. 12pm-1pm Pacific Time
  • In true "coaching" fashion, we'll meet as a group of brilliant minds and use this time as you need it best for your specific opportunities & challenges. [My current coaching & consulting fees are $1.5K & $3K an hour, respectively. Total value up to $3K per month.]
  • Recent issues addressed: helping teams work remotely, how to sell virtually, how to deal with a difficult business partner, how to keep your sales team motivated, negotiating with an equity partner and many more. Questions can be asked ahead of time for anonymity or in the moment.
  • Want one-on-one time? Want coaching & consulting for one of your teams? You'll get the exclusive Member coaching/consulting fee of $750 an hour for the life of your membership.


REGISTRATION CLOSES on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:59pm.

 One monthly fee of $1197 to train EVERYONE inside your organization.

IMAGINE how quickly you can get results once you & your sales team

start getting actionable gems to ignite momentum.

"AmyK is extraordinary in getting the best results. Her people acumen and strategy for creating winning outcomes positively changed my world forever. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for how brilliantly she shifted my thinking & honed my communication skills resulting in life changing relationships both at home and at work. And she cares and is so much fun. If you’re ready to change your personal and/or business situation no matter what it’s state, reach out to AmyK ASAP!"

- Mitchell Berger, CEO, Howard-Sloan Search

getting in control and feeling energized… 

despite the chaos and complexity of attempting to exceed your quotas.

getting the calm, confidence and connection you crave… 

despite the mental mind suck of feeling like you’re not moving fast enough, you’re not doing enough and not everyone on your team knows enough.

getting to be your biggest, baddest, boldest self [the Most Valuable Player of the game]… 

despite crazy calls from the referees, the maddening crowds and the "in your face" opponents.

getting to wake up every day and your first thought is, “I got this! I totally got this!”… 

despite the never-ending stressors of your demanding business and hectic personal life.

My GET IT: Inner Circle membership is going to help you with all of the above and so much more.  And I ain't blowin' smoke.

This Mastermind Experience will move you and your teams...

from: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>to:





Winging It





Sales Grind & Frustration



Purposeful Engagement


Leading It





Sales Growth & Success

bonus: live sales webinar

When you join this September, you and your entire organization get invited to a special BONUS, an additional 90-minute LIVE webinar:

GET IT: Ignite Brilliance In Your Sales.

September 29, 2021.

So, if you'd like to be one of the exclusive 12 members to join me in this goodness, and get the BONUS sales training, sign up by this September 23rd.

I can't wait to have you as a Member on this GET IT: Inner Circle journey with me so we can win through the curves and grow your sales more easily! 

Cyber safe hugs,


only 12 spots available

“We grew sales by over 12% this year and AmyK was a significant contributor to our growth. Even more importantly, she helped us own the right behaviors in preparation for the upcoming year and for moving the company forward faster.”

-Ken Trainer, COO, Chesmar Homes


REGISTRATION CLOSES on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:59pm.