Discover a mind-enriching, game-changing place to belong for thought leadership that will get you the results you want. 

One. Conversation. At. A. Time.


I invite you to read the following if you want to create the results and life you crave.


If you’re reading this page it means you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a member of my GET IT Inner Circle Mastermind... a small, intimate group for brilliant thought leaders.

This is where most people start pitching. Except – I don’t believe in pitching. I believe in connecting – and this connection isn’t a match with everyone. Nope, not a reverse sell either. ;) Just the truth.

My GET IT Inner Circle is not about networking, nor click funnels, nor overnight get rich schemes.

Yes, members end up networking and forming real friendships. And yes, they do scale and grow their businesses. But, the real reason they join is because they crave a place to have stimulating, illuminating conversations that result in greater clarity, focus, purpose and stellar ideas to accelerate their results. They GET that becoming a Master Communicator and Thinker is necessary for getting the results they desire.

Throughout my 19+ years of working with hundreds of leaders like you, I have come to realize that super smart, go-getter type leaders need a place to be challenged in their communication & thinking so they can get clear, really clear on exactly what it is they want and exactly how to go get it.

This space, once entered, totally transforms your life. At home. And at work.

And once you get it, everything changes faster than you can imagine.

As it did for Mitch:

"AmyK is extraordinary in getting the best results. Her people acumen and strategy for creating winning outcomes positively changed my world forever. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for how brilliantly she shifted my thinking & honed my communication skills resulting in life changing relationships both at home and at work. And she cares and is so much fun. If you’re ready to change your personal and/or business situation no matter what it’s state, reach out to AmyK ASAP!"  

-- Mitchell Berger, CEO, Howard-Sloan Search

Imagine what your life might look like if you knew, with crystal clarity, what you truly, deeply wanted in this next chapter of your life, and you knew how to get it.

Imagine how that could change your business, your relationships, the way you spend your hours. Imagine expanding your impact, building a greater legacy and actually enjoying the process.

Let’s get real. Transforming your life requires some energy and sweat equity. In order to do it, and do it brilliantly, it takes some time. Which is why I created my exclusive Inner Circle.

We connect on the phone, through Zoom and in person for 12 months.

We use my Conversation Methodology and 5 Step Approach. Our entire focus is on high-level, life expanding conversations that perfect, refine and deliver the life you desire. And once you get one of your deepest wants, we move on to the next.

RESULTS my clients have gotten range from getting the marriage [and intimacy & sex] they always wanted, to getting sales that exceeded all prior years in their businesses, from growing talented and aligned teams to career changes that made them more money and brought them more joy. Simply put: they got the life they wanted and the time to enjoy it.

This group is exclusive, because hey, that’s the experience I want and it’s the experience I want for you. Working with a select group of amazing, smart folks who uplift us all.

There’s an application process below to filter out flakey-flakes and self-entitled whiners. Yes, I’m serious. I meant it when I said I seek connection.

Here’s how it works:

  1. There’s an application below. After you fill it out, I’ll review it personally.
  2. If I think there’s a good connection, Mandy, from my team, will reach out to you and schedule a 20-30 minute call with me.
  3. If we both agree after this call that it’s a strong match, I’ll invite you to become an Inner Circle Mastermind Insider.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about my Mastermind philosophy.

If you’re wondering what makes it different than all the other Mastermind groups out there, the short answer is me and my approach. Yes, there are great members, yes, there will be a similar structure, but what makes all the difference is the questions I ask, the dialogue I ignite and the help I provide in getting you the results you want.

What else?

It’s expensive. And an investment. Not hype. It is an investment in getting the life you truly want. And it's the ultimate best step after you've experienced my GET IT Inner Circle membership.

Plus, you’ll be required to implement what you learn and share your results. Please know you’ll be asked to play full out, sharing your ideas, your secret sauce discoveries, just as I’ll be asking your fellow Insiders to share their success secrets.

If you’re in a place of momentum, but looking for the brilliant conversations to deliver brilliant results so you get what you want, I invite you to request an Invitation to connect for the next Inner Circle Launch.

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“AmyK’s unique approach to coaching was invaluable. She tapped into a profoundly fascinating balance between psychology and coaching wisdom to help me shine a light on my own behaviors and deep-rooted habits. Adding AmyK’s insights and tools to your repertoire is a brilliant decision.”

- Jonathan M. Satovsky, Founder & Chief Behavioral Coach, Satovsky Asset Management, LLC

  • You're successful and want a posse of other smart folks to bounce ideas off of, ideate and challenge one another to expand your impact and your legacy. And you want to do it with a deep, soul quenching breath.

  • You like, appreciate and value high level dialogue.

  • You want a fun, safe, kick-ass place to learn in challenging or turbulent times with innovate thinkers and action takers.

My GET IT Inner Circle is going to help you with all of the above and so much more.  And I ain't blowin' smoke.

What if you reversed it all?

getting in control and feeling energized… 

despite the chaos and complexity of attempting to scale your business.

getting the calm, confidence and connection you crave… 

despite the mental mind suck of feeling like you’re not moving fast enough, you’re not doing enough and you don’t know enough.

getting to be your biggest, baddest, boldest self [ the Most Valuable Player of the game]… 

despite crazy calls from the referees, the maddening crowds and the "in your face" opponents.

getting to wake up every day and your first thought is, “I got this! I totally got this!”… 

despite the never-ending stressors of your demanding business and hectic personal life.

“Six of my CEO members successfully used AmyK’s Aligning Brilliance tool within a week of her presentation to my Vistage group. One was with his wife and he said it was the most productive conversation in their marriage. One was with a difficult employee and he is on board now and developing a plan. One was with a major customer who was exercising too much leverage. All were positive. Thank you, AmyK!!!” 

Bruce Merrell, Vistage Chair

"We just closed our fiscal year in July and it was the largest one on record for our business - some of which I believe is a direct result from working with AmyK. Awesome! "

Doug Niemeyer, General Manager, TEKLYNX

“Spending time with AmyK is captivating and uncanny all at the same time. It’s like she’s been in your head those nights you wake up at two am to worry and wonder about life and what the right path is. She has this way of asking the one question that makes you go, “Whoa, are you a mind reader?!”

Paul Noris, President & CEO, Bank of Central Florida

“...AmyK has never pulled any punches and she isn’t going to start now. She sees right through our personas and knows what makes us tick, what makes us thrive and what holds us back. AmyK is a brilliant educator who has taught our leadership team to define our values, leverage our talents and execute on our vision for the company. ...she shares questions that challenge us to become the best version of ourselves.”

Ali Flint, CFO, interRel

“Motivating a creative team and getting them to work together in a unified, driven direction is very challenging. Our team has taken what they learned with AmyK to a new level of client satisfaction and growth. We’re at the 60 day mark and we’ve already seen a 12% growth in client services.”

Keith White, COO, ParkerWhite

Will I get tangible, measurable results?! Damn skippy.

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