We all want phenomenal sex... tonight!
Yet, sex is one of the toughest conversations to navigate.   My Better Sex Tonight relationship communications course will INSTANTLY sharpen your conversation skills both inside & outside of the bedroom. 
Let's ignite the fire!

In this relationship communications course YOU'LL LEARN:

  • The #1 ingredient to get great sex tonight 
  • Exactly what to say, in and out of the bedroom, to fan the flames 
  • What a woman craves and needs most to feel greater connection
  • What a man worries about most and how to assuage his fears
  • How to re-ignite the passion & desire in your relationship and feel like you’re falling in love all over again.

My Better Sex Tonight relationship communications course includes:

  • Welcome Video
  • Better Sex Tonight Video
  • Better Sex Tonight Playbook
  • Master the Female Mindset Video
  • Master the Female Mindset Playbook
  • Master the Male Mindset Video
  • Master the Male Mindset Playbook
  • Romantic Conversations – Texting Playbook for Women
  • Romantic Conversations – Texting Playbook for Men
  • Conversation Prep Sheet

Take Action! Get Results!

Join me and start getting the intimacy & connection you crave.

Stop Waiting

Start getting what you want... faster, because you know how to ask for it.

Increase Control

Knowing the exact words and actions you can use to get more intimacy will immediately put 

you in the driver's seat, and have 

you successfully steering through your most important 

relationship conversations. 

Gain Confidence

Learn how how to competently & confidently navigate the tough topic of sex without saying something you regret, giving your power away, or damaging your relationship along the way.

I so believe in my tools & techniques that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. You’ll receive a 100% refund if you send an email request within 7 days of purchasing BST and provide proof of your work, including: all videos were watched, all playbook exercises were completed and you filled out two Conversation Preparation Sheets. Guaranteed.


xo #1:

Discover your deepest relationship & communication values

  • Learn how to ask for and model what you desire most in your relationship.

xo #2:

Enhance intimacy and connection

  • Get the relationship you crave by mastering the male & female mindset.

xo #3:

#1 Thing EVERYONE FORGETS when it comes to mind-blowing sex

  • Learn the #1 ingredient for phenomenal sex.

xo #4:


  • What to say outside the bedroom to heat it up inside the bedroom. 


and get your heart’s desire.


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